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Resident FAQ

To pay your rent, you will log onto your resident portal to pay rent which is due on the 1st of every month. You do have the option to pay with an eCheck, which is the best option, or with a card. If you use a card to pay your rent there is a processing fee that the payment company charges. This fee is cheaper than a late fee but we do not recommend using a card to pay monthly. However, please note that if you have two checks returned, you will not have the option to pay with a check again. Please make sure everything is entered correctly and the money is in your account until it is fully processed. It may take a couple of days for your bank and ours to communicate and fully withdraw the money from your account.

While we understand that things happen, there is a process that we must follow if rent is not paid on time. Your rent is due on the 1st of each month although we do give you a grace period of 3 days. If rent has not been paid before midnight the morning of the 4th, a late fee will automatically be posted to your account. On the 4th, you will receive a legal notice on your door. This notice must be sent and is specifically worded for court. It is a bit harsh! You will have 7-days to pay your rent before legal proceedings can commence. We do not want to send anyone to eviction but if your rent is not paid and goes to eviction it will affect your record for several years and will also be placed on your credit report in collections for the outstanding balance. It is extremely important that your rent is paid on time every month.

We ask that all our residents try to work things out among themselves first. Please talk with each other and respect your roommates. We have found that most roommate issues come down to a lack of communication and communicating with each other typically solves most problems. We recommend that you sit down and lay out some ground rules and discuss what each of you is wanting from your student living experience. If an agreement cannot be reached, we can schedule a time for everyone in the apartment to meet with two people from the office to help mediate.

Northern View stays pretty full year round making the possibility of a transfer very slim. Before any transfer can happen it must be approved by the Property Manager, the approval process can take time because there are a lot of moving factors. We will need to prepare the new room for you which requires scheduling several vendors, making sure the roommates are a good match, preparing new leases, changing out keys, etc.
If a transfer is allowed the following will take place. Your rent will be increased to the full market rate at the time of transfer for the new room; if your new rate is higher than your prior rate you will need to provide proof that your income qualifies for the higher rate. You will pay a $250 transfer fee. Your security deposit does transfer to your new lease so you will not need to pay a new one. You will be responsible for paying the cost to prepare your room for a new resident as well. You will have roughly 3 days to transfer all your items over before turning in keys for your old place.

This means that all our leases are electronic and will be signed electronically, work orders can be submitted through the resident portal, and all rent payments will be submitted through the online portal as well.

Our renewal process starts much earlier than conventional apartments since we are student living. Several months prior to the lease ending, usually around November, we MAY choose to extend a renewal offer to you. Please understand that we are in no way obligated to offer a renewal to you. If we choose not to offer a renewal to you, you will need to make arrangements to move out at the end of the lease term. Rent will likely increase every year as is the industry standard but we try not to increase the rent significantly.
Once we officially offer a renewal to you, you will have a chance to sign a renewal lease for the next lease term or to notify us in writing you will not be renewing. Once we receive written notice you are not renewing we will start to market your room for the next lease term. If you change your mind and decide you want to stay, we may not be able to accommodate you if your room is already rented.

Yes. We do not have to extend an offer of renewal to you. You are allowed to give us notice that you are not renewing your lease and we in turn are allowed to not offer a renewal to begin with. If you are not extended a renewal offer and instead receive a notice from us that we are not renewing your lease with us, you will need to make arrangements to move out by the end of your lease term

All work orders can be submitted on the resident portal at any time. Maintenance will take all requests during normal business hours as soon as they are able to. This is typically within a 24 hour time period but might take longer if they are working on an emergency, a water leak for example.

If your neighbors are keeping you up late into the night please call the police to have an officer come out and speak with them. Once you have called the police out, please send the office an email or give us a call during business hours to let us know what happened.
Please understand that there is only so much we can do when it comes to noise complaints. We will need to have police reports documenting that the police could hear a noise outside the apartment when they arrived or one of the staff members needs to be able to hear what you are hearing. We can call your neighbors and speak with them directly and also provide notices to them. Escalating from there can be a bit of a process which we can discuss if it ever gets to that point.

All parking at the property is by permit only. The lot is patrolled randomly and anyone that does not have the current parking pass in their vehicle will be towed. We do NOT want to tow anyone's cars! All parking passes can be purchased through the Reliant Parking app or website. We offer Daily, Weekly, and Monthly passes for purchase through Reliant.

Our clubhouse and coffee machine are free for our residents to use. We have partnered with a program called OpenPath to allow residents to have access at any time by simply downloading the OpenPath app onto their phones. There is some setup that is involved on our end so please let us know if you are interested in having access to these amenities and we will gladly set everything up for you. All we ask is that you clean up after yourselves, don't break anything, and be respectful while using the amenities.